How To Take Care Of Your Human Hair Wig

How To Take Care Of Your Human Hair Wig

Have you ever been confused about what to do after buying a wig online ? Caring for wigs for women is actually quite simple. The best thing to do is to find a simple routine and follow it.

Wigs for black women are cared for just about the same way we care for our own hair. Although there are slight variations to the usual hair care routine. A care routine does not have to be complicated. A few simple steps will go a far way in helping you keep your wig in a perfect condition. The routine that will be covered in this article is easy to follow and remember.

How To Clean Your Wigs

A human hair wig is best cared for with a thorough and proper wash. Shampooing your wig regularly will enhance its sleekness and make it last longer. Shampooing also helps in maintaining the texture and beauty of the wig. The best amount of time between wig wash days should be a minimum of two weeks.

While it is advisable to wash your wig regularly, it is important to remember not to wash it too often as it reduces the wig's durability and affects the appearance of the wig. Avoid using hot water to wash the wig as this may affect its overall look after.

Take care to wash the wig gently in order not to snap the threading or wefts.Here are step by step instructions on how to wash your wig

-Use a mild shampoo that is free from oil stripping sulphates.

-Wet the wig with running water. The water used to wash your wig should be cool or lukewarm.

-Apply the shampoo to the hair while avoiding tugging on the wefts by gently running your hands over the length of the hair.

-Run a wide tooth comb through the wig in a top to bottom motion across sections of the wig. This helps to spread the product across the length of the wig.

-Wash the wig gently especially the base of the hair. It is important to wash the base too as dirt can build up there.

-Do not submerge in water. Hold the wig under running water until it is clean of shampoo suds.

-Reduce dripping by using a soft towel to absorb the water.

-Dry on a wig stand and allow the human hair wig to air dry. Avoid blow drying the wig as this will alter the texture of the wig.

You should never use hot water to wash your wig. Also using a sink or a bowl when washing your wig makes the process easy.After shampooing the next step in your human hair wig care routine is conditioning the hair

Conditioning a human hair wig

A great conditioner can make all the difference in using a human hair wig. Conditioners moisturise wigs giving them a sheen and beautiful look. Not to mention the fact that conditioning a wig makes it easier to style. There are two types of conditioners and they have two different functions. A conditioner is used immediately after shampooing the wig and washed out while a leave-in conditioner is used in between wash days to replace lost moisture in hair. A leave-in conditioner is the name implies is left in the wig and not washed out.

Applying conditioner is quite simple. Here is a step by step process

-Scoop out some conditioner in your hand

-Spread it evenly across your palm and run your hands through the human hair wig from top to bottom.

-Use your hand to detangle knots in the wig. You could also use a wide tooth comb too but be very gentle while detangling.

-Leave it in for 5-10 minutes and then rinse it out with cold water to close the hair cuticles.

-Use a soft cloth towel to reduce dripping

-Place on wig stand to dry. Avoid blow-drying human hair wigs as heat affects the texture of the hair and can loosen bonding glue in bonded wigs.

Remember to avoid putting the conditioner on the wig cap. This is because it could loosen the glue on a wig that has wefts bonded to the wig cap. It also will make product build up on the wig cap which will affect the hair underneath.

It is best to apply a coconut oil or organization based oil conditioner to the strands of the hair.

Conditioning your wig as a black woman is important because you won't have to struggle with as much tangling and snags as you would have without it.

Styling your human hair wig

Caring for your human hair wigs extends to styling, it is essential to know the best method of styling a wig. Not every wig can be styled when wet while some wigs are best styled while wet.

To know the best conditions and ways to style your human hair wig in, it is best to get information while buying wigs online. Wigs for sale usually come with specific instructions for their care. Pay careful attention to this information so that you can style your wig in the best conditions.

For wigs that should not be styled while wet, using leave-in conditioner is the best way to make the hair strands soft and easy to style.

Switching up the look of your wig is a fun way to keep enjoying it. The best thing about human hair wigs is the versatility of styling options the wig can accommodate. It could be straight today and curled in loose waves the very next day! However it is important to use the right products when styling your wig.

When dying a wig ensure that you use good dyes not cheap ones that will excessively weaken the hair strands. It is best to get a professional to dye the wig as they are more likely to know what dye is best to use and the procedures to follow.

Using flexi rods to curl your wig is a heat free option you can explore if you want to avoid applying any form of heat to the wig totally. Flat irons curl and straighten out your wig depending on how they are used. So anytime you feel like changing how your wig looks you can use any of the aforementioned methods.

When using styling equipment such as a flat iron or blow dryer remember to direct heat away from the base of the wig especially if glue was used for installation. Constantly using a flat iron or curling tong can also cause the wig to lose its gloss and shine, so use them only when necessary.

Storing a human hair wig

Shampooing, conditioning and styling your human hair wig is not the only requirement for caring for it and keeping it in very good condition. A lot of women with wigs do not store them properly. A wig stand is your best friend when it comes to the storage of wigs. The final step to caring for your human hair wig is its. The way its storage is handled goes a very long way in its maintenance.

Wig stands help maintain the shape of the wig. It is never a good idea to leave a wig carelessly after using it. Wigs that are just left on a table or in some dark corner lose their shape and often cannot be used anymore after a while.

Also, another wig storage tip is to try storing wigs in a cool dry place. Even though moisture is good for your wig keeping it in a damp closet is certainly a bad idea. You could use a linen closet or your clothes closet. Avoid any form of heat near wigs, especially colored ones.

Tips for everyday human hair wig care

Caring for your wig does not stop with this steps. Here are some general care tips that you should take note of everyday.

-Avoid over brushing your wig.

-Store in a dark place away from the sunlight. Sunlight makes the wig fade.

-Avoid greasy air sprays as the wig will look limp and oily.

-Brush gently so that the threads do not come loose.

-Do not wear on wet hair to avoid fungus growth.

-Ensure that hair clips do not snag the hair so that it does not fall out.

-Shedding is normal in a wig. Do not panic if you notice loose strands.

-Avoid sleeping with your wig. If you want to do so, use a satin bonnet to protect the hair.

-Handle colored wigs more carefully

Following this hair care routine will keep your wigs beautiful, soft and glossy. Never forget that the most important thing to do after buying wigs online to take care of them with as much care as you would take care of your own natural hair.