About Yeswigs Store

Yeswigs is a human hair company established in 2009 for the sole purpose of providing our customers with the stunning & quality Hairpieces, Extensions and Wigs.

For the past decade years,we have transformed from a traditional processing factory into a human hair company with independent research & development,design & marketing capabilities.

Just this year,2019,we opened our own independent site.Our 100% human hair online store is the pretty best shopping experience to find trendy and fashionable cuts,styles, and rooted colors.There are literally hundreds of styles and colors on offer in our store.We sincerely wish every woman has the opportunity to feel beautiful and confident with our hair products

In our journey to create a vast community of like-minded individuals, we've made sure that our human hair is both unique and high quality.

Yeswigs is a relatively young company which is why we recognize that our coming up in the world has everything to do with our lovely customers. We may not be a family business, but that doesn’t prevent us treating every customer as part of our small family! Feel free to contact us if you have any problem or custom orders and we will hook you up.