Influencer  Markeing

We have experience on influencer marketing, And now we are looking for some bloggers/reviewers/YouTuber or online media traffic.To promote our products.

If your fans are more than 2,000,In return,We will offer you below benefits for your Online Media Traffic:

1,Free sample

2,Your own beauty supply store

Zero effort.Zero risk!Without the upfront costs and burdens of having inventory,Void the hassle of negotiating rates up front or invoicing at the end.

3,We offer exlusive offers just for your followers 

You can advise your followers to use your promotion code & create a tailor-made promotion picture/video just for your audience.Thus,Only the ones following you will benefit.

4,Earn 15% commission of all sales,For every valid purchase that originates from your promotion code or your Store Link. 

5,Other benefit(s) that you want to discuss

How It Works

1, In the “My Coupon Code & Store Link” you will find your Store link and coupon code used to identify how many successful leads you generate.

2, Share and promote YesWigs with your store link or coupon code to keep track of your sales. Collect your discount coupons and spend them in our shop.

3, Earn 15% commission of all sales, Monitor the visualised sales results data on your “Agent Account”.

Promotion Tips:Use your personal coupon code in your promotion. The coupon code offers15% discount on any order including your own!

Why Choose Us

The Professional’s Choice: We only supply high quality 100% human hair. Organically processed,Ethically sourced.

We stand by our products: 30 days no reason return,Full or partial refund, If the item is not as described.

It's Easy: Our Associate Program is 100% FREE and easy to join. Click Register above and start EARNING in just a few clicks.

High Commission: Earn 15% commission of all sales for every valid purchase that originates from any of your shop linke or coupon code

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